Last week, I’m the coach of a football team

2 Aug

This wouldve been great, if not for the fact that Im highly allergic to blue food dye.. To celebrate winning a game, they poured a cooler of blue Gatorade over my head.


Identity thief motion picture review report

31 Jul

Id Thief is an odd mix of edginess, slapstick, and critical drama that is only at times satisfying.

Let me suggest The reluctant fundamentalist 2012

29 Jul

In her approach of cinematic adaptation, Nair has taken out considerably of the resource novel’s ambiguity.

I will forever love this song

29 Jul

Check out the nada surf cover. I love the Pixie.

Is there a CP scent that’s similar to Olay vanilla winter retreat? It’s a creamy

27 Jul

It is a creamy. Is there a CP scent that is related to Olay vanilla winter season retreat?

This morning, we had our first rainstorm in weeks

25 Jul

Now I have a very hot, wet auto.. 30 seconds ahead of it commenced, my window broke in the down place from overuse, because final 7 days the air conditioning in my auto gave out.

Question about flowers for my bouquets eta dress pic

23 Jul

Will peonies still be $$ for the duration of ur marriage ceremony? but how a lot of will I want overall?