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Ya’ll are so tempting. Posting CP and BBW orders made me almost order too

30 Jun

Ya’ll are so tempting. I’m striving to slender down my CP get to five things lol.


@Aspyn Dawson Totoro tattoo!

28 Jun

Resource: through Laura on Pinterest

I just watched Alex cross

23 Jun

A strong candidate for dumbest film of the year …

My status bar won’t let me change it. Once I hit save it go back to the old one

18 Jun

What browser are you using? Once I hit save it go back to the old one.

Somehow I can’t believe what occured this morning

14 Jun

He bumped into me, turned around, apologized, and winked. I smiled at him and he smiled back. After a couple of stops, he got off the bus. I stood there feeling good about myself. This morning, I saw a cute guy on the bus..

Hotels and Travel review in Ann Arbor

12 Jun

Staff was super friendly and helpful.

Have you ever viewed Les miserables 2012

9 Jun

It’s Jackman, with his background in musical theatre, who stands out – somehow managing to anchor the whole thing and stop it becoming the bloated monster it threatens to be.